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Search for new hobbies, make a bucket list, find out if you will live to 100, learn the good and bad about growing old. Whether you want to take a walk back in time when things were simpler, or look forward to things on the horizon you can find them here. 

Let's face it. While the majority of seniors are enjoying life, some of us aren't adapting well to retirement. If you are one of them, with the normal aches and pains we all have as we age, we've got tons of ideas to help you turn your life around and get through the maze of decisions and possibilities.

Retirement isn’t just about concerns over not having saved enough money, or a dwindling IRA, although we have plenty of help on financial topics. It’s about what you want to do for the rest of your life, how you want to feel and how to get there.  It's about finding things in your life that make you want to get up in the morning, even if you are disabled or have more than the normal age related health issues. You still have plenty of time for adventure, laughter and love.


So how does a person entering retirement life start out on the right foot? How does a person who hates their retirement turn things around for a happy retirement? It's a process and it starts with the Building Blocks of Success...

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Wherever I turn, I am reminded that retirement living today can be far more exciting than ever. But a fulfilling, happy retirement won’t just happen without some effort. If you find yourself either sitting around watching television 18 hours a day or playing golf 7 days a week with no other interests or activity, retirement will be a big disappointment to you in short order.

Seniors today have many choices for making their lives unique to their interests, goals and activity levels. If you are just entering retirement, or already in retirement and want to improve your lifestyle, sit down and make a plan, a list. Finances aside, find out what makes you happy.

The measure of enjoyment in your life is up to you....

Stimulation: Continue to exercise your brain. The term “use it or lose it” definitely applies here and we have expert advice on how to keep your brain active and healthy through ongoing mental stimulation tips and exercises.  (Play this fun game, alone or with a special someone and discover who you are today, and what will make retirement life exciting for you. more )

Find a new purpose:  

Now that your identity as a ____ (fill in the blank) has ended, it’s time to find new purpose. When making your personal list, or retirement blueprint, find things you can participate in on an ongoing, regular basis that bring you joy. Ideas might include community service, ongoing education, hobbies. This will not only be fulfilling it will help add structure to your life now that you don't have to adhere to a work schedule.

Around the corner:

Plan for experiences and adventures months ahead so you have things to look forward to like travel, sporting events, a favorite theatrical production or symphony coming to your city. Make plans to visit the grand kids or old friends in another state or city, make plans for participating in a sporting tournament, entering a photo contest, making Holiday decorations etc with friends and then possibly holding a craft sale.


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